1-800-333-TIME (8463)
Kasson, Minnesota

​"Thank you so much for rushing the clock and getting it cleaned and back to us by Christmas.  My 93 year old Grandmother passed the clock down to me and she'll be spending the Holiday with me and my family.  I know it will mean quite a bit to her to see and hear the clock. Thank you so much.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Happy Holidays!  Happy New Years!"
 - Kari, Wisconsin

"My clock arrived home and I just couldn't wait to get it back up where it has been for 47 years.  It runs beautifully.  If I run into problems again, you will be my choice.  Thanks ever so much."
 - Bud & Betty, New York

"Thank you so much for working with me on getting the chime movement for my clock.  I've already installed it and it's working perfectly.  You guys are the best."
- Michael, North Carolina

"Thanks to all for repairing the clock and a special thanks for the timing on the delivery.  It made my Dad's birthday that much more of a special event."
 - David, California

"Hi! It was nice meeting you both! It is so nice to hear the clock chiming again! Thank you."
 - Nancy, Rich & Jim, Minnesota​

"I want you to know that the bezel and glass assembly are perfect!  Also the Westminster chime movement worked out great in my clock.  Thanks for finding these parts.  I appreciate you doing that for me."
 - Joe, Wisconsin

"Chris fixed two of our clocks.  He fixed our Grandfather and Kitchen clock.  You better keep him around; he's a keeper!"
 - Joan, Minnesota