Online Store

Our online store is up and running, but is not yet complete.  We are currently adding new items daily.  If you need something that is not in the store, chances are we might have it, but just have not added it - please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.   Please take a look through the below catalog for reference of items not found in the online store.  We stock around 80% of items found in the catalog.  Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation as we expand our store.  Click on the yellow link to shop our store!
Call 1-800-333-8463
1-800-333-TIME (8463)
Kasson, Minnesota

Please note this is a purchased catalog from Empire Clock Company - 2009 version. Feel free to use it for reference.  We sell approximately 80% of the items listed in this catalog. Some prices are not current.  We appreciate your patience as we continue to complete our Colonial Clock Shop catalog.  Please call with any price inquiries.  Thanks!