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We offer moving services for your larger clocks.  We recommend using our services over a commercial moving service for your timepiece as certain parts of your clock need to be taken apart before a move to prevent any damages.  Call for estimates!

Mail Your Clock To Us

We have many clocks shipped to us for repair on a daily basis.  If you are in need of clock repair, but not in our area, you may send your clock to us.   Feel free to email photos to us and we can give you a pretty detailed repair estimate.  Please email or call us prior to sending your clock in and we will give you details and, depending on your clock, there may be special shipping instructions.   

Please be sure to include your name, return address, phone number, and any specific instructions in all packages mailed to us.

For Repair, Call or Email:
1-800-333-TIME (8463) 

Many times when a customer believes their Grandfather Clock needs repair, it may just need some fine tuning.  This is when we schedule an In-Home Service Call.  For a flat rate fee, our clock technician, Chris, will come to your home and attempt to get your clock running again.  Like a vehicle, a Grandfather Clock needs some TLC and oiling; we recommend oiling your clock every 2-3 years. Many times oiling and adjusting gets the job done; however in many circumstances, your clock needs further repair.  In this instance, we will take your movement out, explain in detail why it's not running, quote you the repair cost, and bring your movement back to our repair shop. Upon completion, we will bring the movement back to your home and correctly install.
Clocks we Repair:
Clocks may be in pieces, antique, new, or in ANY condition

Bracket Clocks
Carriage Clocks
Cuckoo Clocks
Grandfather & Grandmother
Jewelers Regulator
Music Boxes (select)
Quartz/Battery Clocks
Street & Tower
Tall Case Clocks
Wall Clocks


Grandfather Clock In-Home Service and Repair 

We are an Authorized Howard Miller Clock Dealer & Independent Service Center for repairing Howard Miller Products.  Contact us to repair your Howard Miller timepiece.