Carriage Clocks are one of our specialties. In fact, we recently finished repairing and polishing 79 Carriage Clocks for a Collector in Minneapolis.  These clocks were the Key Exhibit at the 2012 National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Ward Francillion Time Symposium and are featured in a publication “Beautiful Carriage Clocks.”  

We repaired and polished every clock on the flyer except the second to the right.  This was a 15 month long project to perfect these rare, and unique clocks.  

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Featured Projects

In Spring, 2012, we historically preserved the two sides of this Tower Clock located at Riverside Plaza in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The dials are 5 feet in diameter and displayed 40 feet in the air.  

We specialize in many large dial projects.  Street clocks and tower clocks are one of our favorite  yet challenging projects; we are considerably one of most knowledgable repair team in the large dial industry.

Tower Clock Project
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(Left Photo)
Carriage Clock Repair 
79 Clocks Repaired
NAWCC Ward Francillion 
Time Symposium
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In October, 2016, we had the opportunity to travel to Oxford, Pennsylvania, and fix their Historical Town Clock.  What a great experience and great people.  It is a 4 sided, illuminated clock on a bank, about 22 feet high.